Zodiac dating compatibility

Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces Taurus, the Bull, is an earth sign, and is compatible with fellow earth signs Capricorn and Virgo.For those born under this astrological sign, some are also compatible with water signs, including Pisces and Cancer.

Placements of Venus and Mars in a person's astrological birth chart are also important considerations.In short, it's key to consider the specific placements of a planet in a person's natal horoscope chart to find out whether or not they'll be compatible with another person.Aries is an adventurous, energetic and confident sign.Those born under the Aries sun sign are often bold and courageous, though on the flip side, they can also be quick-tempered, impatient and, to some degree, daredevils.If you're a Gemini, for example, you technically be compatible with a Libra - but if you aren't, there could be other reasons (including incompatible moon placements in a natal horoscope). You can check a zodiac sign compatibility chart or just check out the list of zodiac signs below!

Find your love (or just friends) match even easier, knowing your astrological sign compatibility!

In fact, the zodiac compatibility can offer guidance for any relationship.

According to Chinese astrology, the animal signs that are four years apart from each other are believed to be compatible but are incompatible if they are six years apart.

Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius Gemini, the Twins, is an air sign and, not surprisingly, is compatible with other air signs, including Aquarius and Libra.

Geminis are also generally compatible with fire signs, including Leo and Aries.

This list includes all of the star signs, in order, followed by their four most compatible signs.