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Or how much you spend on a movie and a bag of popcorn.

A disturbance to this heart beat can cause the clock to stop running.A cleaning is required when the mechanism has gone too long without its last oiling, and the gears and pivots have become gummed up causing the clock to slow or stop.You specify exactly who you are looking for an all the messages that are good go to your mailbox all other messages go to your junk mail!Fastest signup, just log in with your Facebook account an you are done.Before we give the clock back to you we insure that it is keeping proper time. Packing and transporting these irreplaceable heirlooms should not be attempted by anyone with out experience or extensive knowledge of clocks.

Upon the unpacking of a clock we will balance and level it as well as mount the clock if desired.

It is looked over for wear and tear, and checked to make sure it is working properly.

Necessary repair work is done, including new bushings, pinions, pivots, repairing ratchets, wheel meshing, and fixing the mainspring.

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