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implementation does not satisfy the "Schema Component Constraint: Element Declarations Consistent," which is described in the Constraints on Model Group Schema Components section of the W3C spec.

For example, the following schema includes elements that have the same name but different types in the same content model, and substitution groups are used.

This is disabled by default on Xml Reader objects that the Create method creates.If you have DTD processing enabled, you can use the Xml Secure Resolver class to restrict the resources that the Xml Reader can access.You can also design your app so that the XML processing is memory and time constrained.For example, you can configure timeout limits in your ASP. Because XML documents can include references to other files, it is difficult to determine how much processing power is required to parse an XML document. If the DTD contains nested entities or complex content models, it could take an excessive amount of time to parse the document.This should cause an error, but If you try to validate the following XML against the schema above, the validation will fail with the following message: "The element 'e3' has invalid child element 'e2'." and an Xml Schema Validation Exception exception will be thrown. Xml Schema Validation Exception: The 'e2' el element is invalid - The value 'abc' is invalid according to its datatype ' - The string 'abc' is not a valid Int32 value."\ namespace rely on the .

If you try to validate the following XML against the schema above, the validation will fail with the following exception: "Unhandled Exception: System. The following sections discuss security issues that are specific to XML technologies.

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the changes are somewhat similar to what were initially suggested the Xml Validating Reader was using the following constructor call will have to change you validation code to something like this the xmlreader.create will take this call which you will supply the xml string ok ragi your process did help me a lot and i don't see any warnings or error.

You can override this class and specify the Xml Resolver object to use.

Use the Xml Secure Resolver class if you need to open a resource that you do not control, or that is untrusted.

For example, a document type definition (DTD) can reside in the document being parsed.