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This brings to mind 2 questions: 1) Why does a person being unemployed make he or she undesirable as a date?

In this day and age, plenty of smart, hard-working people are at one point or another out of work.

Dating someone who is unemployed is clearly not for everyone.

A recent article in Moneyland shares that there are many people out there who clearly won’t date somebody who is unemployed.

Recently, I had a somewhat controversial post on gold diggers that might have brought out some strong opinions.

Is the notion that a person should be employed an understandable requirement in dating?

It’s not so much being unemployed but the fact that I’m a firm believer and practicer of hard work and need somebody to also reflect my values.

Reply I have and still would date someone who was unemployed.It’s not so much the title of unemployment that bugs me, but what they are doing about it, and with their time off.If they are sleeping in, playing video games, etc, then NO. If they are pounding the pavement trying to find a job, working hard on side projects or what have you, then it’s fine.Does the ability and/or willingness to become wealthy matter so much?Or, is it more of a fear that the person is irresponsible simply because of employment status?There have been corporate layoffs aplenty, and many smart college graduates, MBAs, and lawyers – among others – who have had issues finding jobs.