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If a woman notices huge discrepancies or inconsistencies between what you present on your profile and what you present in real life, you’re never going to get past the first date.So here’s how to use these “power words” to your best advantage: Go down the list of “power words.” Choose 3-5 of them that you think describe you the most.Here’s another example: Instead of simply writing that you “value intelligence,” offer up some proof, like, “I went to so-and-so university and I have a degree in finance.I even got a scholarship.” When you “show” her the kind of man you are, you’re giving her evidence that the “offline” you matches the “online” you — so she’ll be more motivated to message first.Welcome to American, the premier personals service online.

We have millions of members from all walks of life, backgrounds, professions and ages, who are looking for others to share their experiences with.Site features include online personals, a suite of communication tools, dating advice, success stories and much more. That’s twice as many women…potentially twice as many dates…and maybe even twice as many women coming home with you at the end of the night…(If there are more, that’s even better.) If you’re not sure, think about what people have complimented you on in the past — for example, if someone’s ever called you “passionate,” use that. And once you have your list of 3-5 power words, it’s time for step 2…And if you still can’t decide, ask a close friend or someone you trust what they think. Women know how easy it is to lie online, and that you can say pretty much anything you want on your profile.So how do you show her you’re the man she wants and break past her barriers?