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At the same time, a word buble appears by that icon with the yellow triangle and says: This connection has limited or no connectivity.

You might not be able to connect to the Interent On your working laptop right click on the wireless network icon and select view available wireless networks Is it different than what we setup on the old laptop? It will take me a while to get everything set back up - I am not sure how to disable WEP. Right click on the wireless icon and select repair.

Squad click on Gratuitous Network Connection and go to Principles.

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error "windows was unable to find certificate to log on to the network" & showing validating identity.

i tried unchecking the enable authentication box under advanced settings but still no result.

Note: if you are on a wireless network, your network location has nothing to do with the SSID (network name) or the IP or MAC of the access point, but of the router.

In an integrated wireless/wired/router device, this may have several MAC addresses for the different interfaces, but should tell Windows the right one for the router, so you can connect through wired or wireless and have it recognise that you are on the same network.

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