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I've eaten enough of my creamy pies to know she just got laid. After I came home she went on a few more dates with him and brought me home sloppy seconds.I sometimes get to be in the same room but am blindfolded if I am. My wife has three men who she sleeps with regularly (at least once or twice a week). She is quite voicetrous, so ther is NO doubt what is going on and how he is satisfying her. My wife had a bf before we were married and told me she would keep him. My wife has a high sex drive, and had boyfreinds while we were dating and engaged & we agreed she would keep seeing them & prior to our marriage we agreed to keep this arrangement.Yes they do fuck her right in our bed while I sleep in the guest room. She does have sex at our house at times, but i am usually sent out. She has a couple of steady guys she has sex with, everywhere, in her bedroom (we have separate bedrooms), kitchen living room, car etc.Life was just getting better everyday when she passed away of a heart attack.I have many wonderful memories of our love, but can't find anyone that can replace her.the boyfriend(S), have sex in my marital bed, with her bending over, legs V-spread to ensure deeper penetration!