Wife crazy not dating

Because, you see, with our big brains came another pain in the butt, happiness.All men know if they make their woman happy or just fill a role.The cucumber monkey sees that, and becomes so enraged that is aims and hits the human with the cucumber piece in the face.

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Women selecting men is the biggest pressure factor for general intelligence selection pressure in human evolution.

If you think general intelligence has been selected genetically because we wanted to make fire, roast beef and hunt deer with tools, you miss how there are plenty of other animals who do the thing except roasting the beef.

The more intelligent a person, the more the inclination for unusual, interesting and rare things and experiences.

And if you think about it for a bit, the romantic experience, monogamy, spouse dedication, masculine reliability, simple lounging and relaxing time off, and also the use of plenty verbal communication, are all novel and fresh things for the human species. The woman need not say a word, and we men know which female is fit and what to do.

Also, I have plenty of quarrels and sad days and stupid mistakes in my relationship, so this is not advice on marriage either. What it actually is, a thought that dawned on me at random. That is what general intelligence is for, to help us handle new things.

Humor is not the capacity to tell jokes, although that also counts, but the capacity to be funny, which depends heavily on wit and innovation.She is hard wired to see your brain in action and when you communicate what is also obvious to every single other man around, you do not stand out at all in the smarts sector.All the complex so called “rituals” women devised, are simply intelligence tests for the men they meet.Yes, you can be an uneducated redneck and you still have this mind reading force of knowing if your woman is not happy, especially if you care about her.The selective pressure manifests later in the game.But, if you carry your decision in your womb and then have it sucking milk out of you, choosing on looks will be a painful shortcut.