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Jackson kept her ceremony a secret for a full year. Bob Dylan’s six-year union to backup singer Carolyn Dennis in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s wasn’t revealed until ten years after they divorced. Kelly were scandalously married in 1994 when she was 15 and he was 27 (she reportedly lied about her age on court records). Those marriages predated the paparazzi circus and the Radar-TMZ--will-pay-you-millions-of-dollars-to-sell-out-celebrities culture.By that measure, even Jackson’s first secret marriage is all the more understandable.

And it’s why the fact that Janet Jackson—amid all her family’s drama—managed to keep her own wedding a secret for an entire year is utterly amazing.

Omer Bhatti's position at Michael Jackson's memorial fuels speculation about MJ's secret love life.

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With every salacious rumor and scandalous detail of her family’s personal life splashed across tabloid pages on an almost daily basis, that Janet Jackson has managed to keep her private life so, well, private is an age-of-TMZ miracle. Shocking the entertainment press, Jackson said that she married Qatari tycoon Wissam Al Mana … In a culture of such rabid celebrity obsession and microscopic coverage of even the most D-list of stars’ daily lives (Breaking: Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie make date night a priority!

The knack for dance may be in his blood as well, as he reportedly mastered a lot of the King of Pop's trademark dance moves.

How To Get Your Man To Dance Omer's mother is Norwegian dental hygienist Pia Bhatti, with whom Michael was said to have a one-night stand in the mid-1980s (he had a thing for women in scrubs, didn't he? Pia is now married but apparently stayed close with Michael over the years.The “Control” singer proved an uncanny ability to do just that—control—her private life when she announced Monday that she’s no longer Ms. ) a key member of one of the world’s most public families managing to keep an entire marriage secret for any amount of time is astonishing, let alone for months.More impressive is that this is the second time Jackson has managed to keep her nuptials a secret from the press.Seks toppmotiverte, unge advokater i NYC drømmer om å bli best i rettssalen.Her kan vi love deg spisse albuer, snappy dialog, kjærlighet og masse intriger.His prominent position among the family is fueling speculations that indeed he was kept as Michael's low-profile offspring, and his history with the family drive that possibility home.