Who is malik from the game dating in real life

not only in the relationship, but in life in general," the model said.

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Will he walk away, kiss you or ask you for a second date?

Test your skills in this new Enjoydressup game called Zayn Malik Date Simulator and see how your date ends.

"Social media can help people who feel isolated, or have mental-health problems, speak to others who share their experience," Challis says. With self-harm, any mental-health problem, really, you need to be careful about what they're accessing.

As in most celebrity breakups, the proof is really in the Instagrams.

x G." Malik and Hadid were first linked in November 2015, and made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Met Gala the next year.

The Sun had reported the couple's split Tuesday morning.

It's probably akin to the death of a pet or a distant relative. The point is that they're unwell and they need support." Indeed, numerous charities have put out statements, the Samaritans are on standby, and The Sun has launched a helpline to help fans to deal with their sadness.

And on a less serious – but still somewhat astonishing – note, the Manchester Evening News reported that more than 220 calls were made to a Manchester-based employment law expert in the aftermath of Malik's announcement, enquiring about what qualifies for compassionate leave from work. The big one in living memory was Robbie Williams walking out on Take That.

It's just one example to highlight the obsessive nature of One Direction fandom, which can be so laughable to the unafflicted, and so difficult to empathise with.

So when Malik announced on Wednesday that he was leaving the band, many were primed ready to point and laugh at the 13-year-olds who were vlogging their tears.

"For people of a certain age, it may not seem like it should be a big deal," he says. If it's a big part of someone's life then it is totally reasonable and right that they'd be upset about it." Challis suggests that, while there would be exceptions, most people who would exhibit such behaviour are likely to have issues anyway.