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Today, after 15 years in the game, she prides herself on being free from all that drama.

Kendu Isaacs pulls back the deceptively small security door to the grounds of the new Hollywood Hills home he shares with his wife, Mary J. Smack dab across his crisp white XXXL tee is the word ROYALTY. Well, in all fairness he is married to the woman otherwise known as the Queen of Hip-hop Soul.

Blige was in an affair with Mary's label mate, Starshell. The actual reason is not known for the divorce but money is guessed to be the main reason.

They wanted my career, they wanted money from me-something." But look at her now.

Over the past six years she's experienced a personal transformation, and in that time become what she never imagined-a wife.

If everybody's asking why Mary ain't mad no more, one check of the view makes it plain. It's just, you gotta know when to change your environment in order to help you to grow and do what you need to do. Isaacs's expressiveness was the very blessing Blige's burned-out spirit was yearning for.

"Quality of life here is so much nicer," she says softly, taking in the rolling valley beneath her. She says it was his determination, maturity and frank nature that set into motion their love story and her most committed self-improvement mission to date.

And yet, Blige has always told it like it was; from day one, she was that project girl turned powerhouse known to keep it right in your face.

Who but the High Priestess of Keeping It Real could inject once safe and smoothed-out R&B with the energy of raw, jagged-edged hip-hop, and singlehandedly change the future of Black music?

The reality, however, was that the walls-those huge, impenetrable, emotional walls-were always up.

For far too long, Blige was not only a musical maverick but she was also a tortured soul.

Through huge glass walls, the California afternoon sun pours in on Mary's bare face and caramel-colored ponytail. Now I understand the peace." Isaacs casually slides into "his" chair and jumps right into the conversation-no hesitation. Like, I'm going to hang out with Janet Jackson." As he talks on and on about neighborhood Crips, mowing the lawn, young New York friends not understanding the West Coast culture, Blige smiles.

"Oh, that's Kendu's seat," she says matter-of-factly, making sure no one else sits at the head of the table. "I was born and raised in Brooklyn, but I moved out here with my folks when I was 16 years old," he shares. Man of Many Words The unabashed willingness of a Black man to communicate is a rarity, and a turn-on, especially to a woman like Blige.

Blige who is her ex-wife has given him a lot of money as spousal support. Isaacs is active on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can connect to our sites to get more wiki on him.