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The emergence of social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube has thrown up a new set of millionaires who have built business models around the influence of these channels.

Hayden Summerall, Zach Clayton, and Luna Blaise signed up to join him on the Left Me Hangin' Tour.

One of the most common stories of modern day society is the rise of depressed, suicidal children with deep-rooted emotional struggles.

Jeydon Wale has been making videos for over nine years - and he's ready to share something really personal with fans.

The You Tube personality just posted a new video in which he reveals that he's transgender.

Before staying in a relationship with Samm, he dated Taylor Kay back in 2010 apparently he is more focused on his career than his love life and has not stated if he is any other relationships.

Jeydon the Canadian born is the oldest sibling in his family with younger brother and sister, but according to some wiki sites, he was rumored to have another sister whom they lost at age three.

Jeydon first made his career through the help of a site called Youtube where you freely upload videos.

Including being a well educated and self-taught musician, a lyricist, and first inspired by Eminem and Michael Jackson and he started performing many shows of his original songs such as “Ice Cream Sammich,” which he created in 2013 and “Just another love story” in 2015 that was his latest music generated.

He often narrates how he also used to get bullied for dressing differently from other kids.

He would wear hats and skinny jeans to school, looking different from everyone in his peer group. Bryan Stars inspired Johnnie Guilbert to join You Tube.

He uploaded his first video “ATTACKED BY ZOMBIES!!! He collaborated with Bryan Stars on a number of videos and started to post on his You Tube channel regularly.