Who is jane fonda dating now

The actor has been publicly single since his divorce from Katie Holmes in 2012. “Movie Stars Keep the Party Going at Cinema Con in Las Vegas.” Las Vegas Review-Journal, 25 Apr.

‘Sure, Jane is a little older than Tom – but he’s had older girlfriends before and this is the first woman in a really long time who’s managed to captivate him.‘Tom was left feeling a little shell-shocked after his split from Katie, but he really wants to put himself back out there and find love again,’ the source added.No other outlet has reported anything about Cruise and Fonda supposedly engaging in an obvious public flirtation and striking up a relationship.It seems like the publication just jumped to conclusions, but its logic is faulty.Fonda was seen touching Cruise on stage, but , she also held hands with Henson, and the other stars in attendance were cozying up to one another, too.

This was a feel-good, platonic display at a celebratory event, not a sign of a romance blossoming. I’ve closed up shop down there,” she quipped in an interview published on Monday. The famous pair shared the stage as they introduced previews for Cruise’s upcoming film Mission: Impossible – Fallout and Fonda’s Book Club – their flirty banter not going unnoticed by the audience.According to onlookers, their flirting was evident to everyone and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.I had written a book already and so I was used to talking about my life. He said “Do you want to see a ranch I’m going to maybe buy that’s 180,000 acres? He’s there with other women now and things have changed a little, but not much. Secondly, I fear that our democracy is being taken from us. Every day there’s some outrageous thing that’s happened.I knew Susan [Lacy] from “American Masters.” I didn’t realize that she was a director and I saw the documentary she did on David Geffen. Were you nervous about visiting any of the places from your past? [She starts to tear up.] Sad, that she died so young without my ever really knowing her. ” And we drove through and he said ‘’Should I buy it? He says in the movie that he wishes he could still be with you. However, the good part is, as Jerry Brown recently said, “He’s totally negative energy.” Except maybe when he’s with a porn star! Then there’s discussion of the trauma and impeachment.Faye James is a contributing writer at New Idea magazine.