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), the celebrity daughter's experience of getting on the show was extremely different than the average contestant's.That's because she allegedly "didn't have to sleep outside and wait for hours hoping to audition like everyone else" and "basically had an appointment and showed up." The source added that " always says they don't give everyone favours, but this time they did for Jane." Sadly, her A-list name didn't help her make the cut.The mom of one also has flowers adorning her right shoulder blade and three lines of script across her back, which rolled though San Diego in 2012, judges Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson were treated to one particularly unexpected audition: Jane Carrey's.

Although the couple's marriage didn't last (they called it quits on December 11, 1995), their little girl has always been a major part of his life.From supporting her musical dreams (the proud papa was the first to call her after she auditioned for to spoiling her son whose birth he dubbed an "explosion of pure bliss," the funnyman has proven he has a real soft spot for his only child."I can't wait for the world to understand what she has inside of her.This is going to be a fantastic year." Unfortunately, she was instantly sent home on the first night of Hollywood Week.until four or five in the morning on many, many nights," according to the While with him, she was spoiled to the point that her mom actually went to court to try to get more money out of her ex to be able to provide her daughter with the "prestigious lifestyle" to which she was getting accustomed.

Back when the pair initially split in 1995, Jane was just seven years old and Jim agreed to pay ,000 in monthly child support, plus cover various other expenses.Even so, she made it through to Hollywood, as Jackson proclaimed, "I like you. I like the potential." Following her successful audition, host Ryan Seacrest spoke to Jim over the phone (via )."She's so wonderful and amazing to me," the proud papa gushed.In fact, during her dad’s highly publicized romance with Jenny Mc Carthy from 2005 to 2010, Jane frequently joined the happy couple on the stage at various autism fundraisers to support Mc Carthy’s personal interests in autism after her son, Evan, was diagnosed at three years old.Amid her sporadic appearances on the stage or walking the red carpet with her dad, Jane’s love life blossomed as she fell in love with and later married Alex Santana on November 14, 2009.Fast forward to when she was 15, and her mom claimed that ,000 was too little money because her daughter's needs had "increased significantly." While justifying the need for more cash, she claimed that she herself was simply unable to provide the same "type of home and amenities" as her ex-husband and stated that she'd like to take Jane on "at least one skiing trip per year and get a private skiing instructor to work with her," possibly move into a more lavish residence, get her her own personal trainer, and more.