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When seeing the leper, Eddie felt that if it had touched him he would instantly catch every disease that it had and rot from the inside out.

This being contains every disease, illness, and infection that Eddie could think of, and threatens to make him sick just the same.

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His father died from cancer in 1951, when Eddie was five years old.

As a result of this, Eddie's mother Sonia is extremely overprotective of her son.

In addition, the leper offering Eddie a blowjob is terrifying for him because not only is he confused about his own sexuality, he is confused by sexuality in general.

It is something completely foreign and scary for him at this age, not to mention any fear and repression his mother had instilled in him. Keene's Pharmacy, Eddie is attacked by Henry Bowers, Vic Criss, Patrick Hockstetter, and Moose Sadler in the park as payback for humiliating them during the Apocalyptic Rock Fight.

However, Eddie's aspirator was empty and as Eddie's breathing continues to struggle, Bill is concerned that Eddie would fall into a "comber." Bill sees Ben and asks him to watch over Eddie as he goes to the pharmacy to get his medication.

After Bill comes back and Eddie's breathing is restored to normal, Ben explains how they could build a better damn.After Ben escapes from the bullies, they come to Bill and Eddie to ask if they had seen where Ben had run to.When they answer that they had not, Henry punches Eddie in the nose, causing it to bleed profusely and triggers an asthma attack.The leper begins to chase Eddie, screaming that he would blow Eddie for a nickel, then a dime, and then even for free.Eddie barely manages to escape as the leper begins to run after Eddie's bike.Eddie feels drawn to the house and begins to approach it, when suddenly what appears to be a hobo rises from beneath the porch of the house.