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@bbcstrictly @thewhitmore @willyoungofficial 🍾🙌🏼💃🏻🌈✨ and @zoejgrace for the 📸 A post shared by daisylowe (@daisylowe) on He then joked: ‘As she’s about to do Strictly , I’d put it like this – we were great at jiving, we tried to tango, now we’re back to jiving.’ We always knew he was a charmer ever since he hit our screens with that goatee back in 2001 on ITV’s Popstars. Daisy will be joining the star studded selection for this years Strictly Come Dancing alongside the likes of 00’s pop sensation Anastacia and Pop Idol winner Will Young in September and she has taken to Twitter to share her excitement.Daisy Lowe is trying to convince me that she’s not a party animal. ” she says, while polishing off her quinoa salad and reaching for a bread roll. But I don’t need anything to enhance the experience other than some green tea …“I haven’t had any food guilt for the first time in my life,” she continues.

But 28-year-old model Lowe is the face of a more earnest and clean-living generation. It’s very cliquey and exclusive.” Lowe has since been linked to Funny Girl actor and Popstars singer Darius Campbell but claims to be happily unattached for now. I’ve had one relationship in five years and that was with lovely Tom but I’m proud of the life that I’ve created. It’s nice to go on dates, though.” Is she on Tinder? A lot of close friends and family members have got married through online dating. "I like meeting someone and feeling their energy and smelling them, not this ‘swipe’ thing. I’m such an old-fashioned lady.” Chivalry will get you far.

She’s worked with the likes of Burberry, Chanel and Agent Provocateur, dabbled in acting and has even written a cookbook. I graft loads.” Among Lowe’s inner circle is the new Primrose Hill crew, which includes Geldof’s sister Pixie — “I was out with her last night, it was loads of fun” — Nick Grimshaw and Florence Welch. “I’m a big feminist, though I think it’s important for men to chase and woo and be respectful.

She looks amazing too — signature curves in a simple black maxi dress. “It’s the TM.” Taking 20-40 minutes out a day, you become more conscious of the way you spend your time everywhere else. I can count my closest people on two hands and don’t really let anyone else much further in.” Sunday roasts are a big deal in Lowe’s world — the gang congregates at pubs such as The Stag, near Hampstead Heath, or at Lowe’s flat.

But not for long — she’s just bought her first “proper house. It’s got original banisters and cornicing and stained-glass windows.

’ I didn’t really know who this really tired person was either.“I’m never usually this exhausted every single day.

Frankie deserves more than that and so do I.”Daisy has previously dated Doctor Who actor Matt Smith, singer Darius Campbell and Peaches Geldof’s widow Thomas Cohen.

She’s also managed to clock up 300,000 followers on Instagram. “I’ve got an amazing sisterhood, and there are some men in there as well.” Squad goals à la Taylor Swift, then? When I first moved to New York, one of my best friends used to put his hand on my back when we walked across the road.

"I was 18 and would scream at him, ‘I’M AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN!

I’m already planning a fancy dress room with pink sequinned curtains.” We’ve gone off-piste.

The rice pudding rep reminds me that our time is up.

Lowe’s apparent reluctance to play hard is understandable.