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CM Punk walked out of the WWE in January, the night after WWE’s annual Royal Rumble PPV.The story goes that CM Punk was ticked off because WWE was using part-timers in the main events yet again.

Not so much on WWE’s end, as they have told us nothing…

leaving us with only information from hopeful fans.

“The only thing I told her was to just have fun,” said Punk, who fights Mike Jackson in his second UFC fight Saturday.

“I don’t know what it’s like back there in this current environment.

But this weekend’s wedding, combined with the fact that CM Punk and AJ Lee are looking to stay under the radar, seems to confirm the fact that CM Punk is happy in his retirement.

Other sources close to the wrestler confirmed that he had been hampered by some nagging injuries, ones that accumulated through the thousands of hours he put in between the independent wrestling circuit and his breakthrough in the WWE.CM Punk, the former WWE champion and top star, is now a UFC fighter.Meanwhile, Ronda Rousey, she of the dominant UFC run and title reign, is now in WWE.In April it was reported that CM Punk (whose real name is Phillip Jack Brooks), popped the question to AJ Lee (April Jeanette Mendez).“We have heard from a lot of people asking if CM Punk and AJ Lee were married yesterday afternoon.Period.” CM Punk, 39, did not leave WWE on good terms.