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He digs deep into every corner while delivering honest lyrics filled with cold, cruel, harsh realities.

For Smith, this artistic record is as authentic as it gets.

Ha valaki a nyári tábor programjának 'Szomorkodás' pontját éli épp mert vége a tábornak, ne csüggedjen, 2018. között Püspökladányban újabb fantasztikus napot tölthettek velünk!

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“until next time.”You’re embarking on an extensive tour, the new Shinedown record will be released in May, and the lead single “DEVIL” is officially out now, how are you feeling?Everybody in the band, including myself, we are all feeling really strong.It’s interesting, me and Zach did that run in December of last year. Zach had asked back in October if I wanted to do it and I said, “Sure, why not.” The interesting thing when it comes to the roll-out of and all the work that went into creating it, was that it was the first record we did in house.Eric Bass sat in the captain’s chair and he produced and mixed the record.According to The Pulse Of Radio, SHINEDOWN frontman Brent Smith has revealed that he developed vocal problems which contributed to a delay in recording the band's fifth studio album.

Smith explained that his throat was ailing after 21 months of touring for 2012's "Amaryllis", telling "Loudwire Nights" host Full Metal Jackie: "When we got off tour, I had three nodules on my left vocal cord. I was lucky enough to do so naturally — I didn't have surgery, but it took two and a half months to get them where they needed to be." On top of the nodules, Smith developed another illness, explaining: "I got this thing called thrush, which is normally what babies will get.In between the deep breath and rolling credits, you are placed right in front of a mirror. cuz no one heard your name.” “The voices inside my head are legendary.” “EVOLVE.” “special.” “MONSTERS.” “We march.”Written exactly as you see above, it’s like a kid with enthralling eyes, etching their name into the aforementioned steam filled mirror, knowing the words will repeatedly appear in the same place — until you wash them away.Steam clouds the glass, and as it begins to fade, words and sometimes full sentences appear before you.“Wake Up! I recently had the chance to speak with Smith, the band’s courageous singer, literally from the side of a road en route to South Dakota.We have fungus in our bodies that's dormant and sometimes it'll unleash, and it unleashed on me.It went all the way down to my esophagus, so that was another two months to heal from that.What is the artistic process and intent behind that? The album cover is an exclamation point, but it’s very specific. We wanted to find a way to emphasize getting people’s attention — combining the visuals and sounds.