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So as all this stuff is being thrown at them, they have to jump and it's hilarious.

So when they space them out, that's when it becomes really fresh and varied and you get time to reflect and do stuff back at home.This is the first show that I've done since moving back from Los Angeles.For the qualifier, apart from the 'Big Red Balls' and the 'Sucker Punch', everything else is new stuff which we haven't seen before.We don't even know what we’re calling them to be honest with you, but I call them the 'Big Red Hoop-Go-Round' - on this a big massive guy a couple of shows ago got his leg stuck in one and it wouldn't come out.They all get caught up in the middle and it's hilarious.

The other one instead of 'Dizzie Dummies' is a game called 'Terror Go Round'.

We’ll chuck a bit of snow out there and call it Winter Wonderland."I remember watching an episode of the American version which had couples doing it at the same time. With Endemol as our company, we are creatively allowed to look at their ideas and use them or do a spin on it. Celebrity husband and wife couples doing it together, but I think the idea went away."So are you happy to keep doing the show? This particular series has come around so quickly, so I think we're all in a bit of shock that we're back out here again so soon.

Which is brilliant in some ways, but in other ways it's kind of like, 'Hang on, I forgot that I live in London for a minute'.

This big guy being flapped around like a ragdoll - hilarious! Instead of 'Crash Mountain' or 'The Sweeper' we now have 'Double Cross', which is brilliant.

Basically they all stand on one podium and four arms come around - three of which are green, the other red.

Life's not too bad when you're Amanda Byram these days.