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I only knew of Robyn as her assistant, someone she grew up with, since she was a teenager.

They became friends in early 1988, before Michael set off on the second leg of the BAD tour. She stayed at Neverland in April 1989 for a few days. They chased each other across the ranch, played with the animals, had long walks and dinners. Drug dealers prey on celebrities as soon as they start making serious money, and that was what happened to Whitney. He realised that she was still on drugs and wouldn't give up her lifestyle. They remained friends but he continued to worry about the state her lifestyle got her into as years progressed.

She'd been using cocaine and cannabis since the mid-1980s when she first achieved commercial success in the music business. While she was staying at Neverland, she needed drugs.

Today would have marked the late Whitney Houston's 50th birthday, and by now, you probably already know all the details about her highbrow relationship with Bobby Brown.

But their rocky romance eclipsed other details about Whit's love life.

A few weeks ago, the singer retracted a press release, which announced he had dedicated his song "The First Time You Love" to Whitney, and insisted that it was published without his permission.

Jermaine Jackson is currently filed for divorce from Halima Rashid-Jackson and is currently dating Maday Velazquez.A common misconception is that Bobby Brown got her into bad habits.In fact, by the time she got involved with Bobby, in August 1989, she was already using class A drugs.Whitney Houston's tragic and shocking death last month left many unanswered questions.One of the more intriguing ones, though, continues to linger and thrive: Was the pop star once romantically involved with Jermaine Jackson?He has been in eight celebrity relationships averaging approximately 8.2 years each.