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Eastin: For Neal to be successful, he needs to convince the world that he is dead.So I'm hoping that three quarters of the way through, that people believe that we have killed Neal.

Is a TV movie something you've talked to people about or considered for the future?

Eastin: Fox Studios came to me — I know they had some fans on Twitter suggesting it — and said, "Hey, let's get fans to send in ties to USA and say "Tie up with a seventh season!

The final moments of the series revealed Neal in his best suit and fedora walking the streets of Paris with a smile on his face.

spoke with Eastin about his decision to change the ending, what fans didn't see in the finale and whether a TV movie will ever happen.

Eastin: We've done the extradition thing and something also drew Neal back. That is just sort of what comes with the territory. But probably ultimately where we ended up, the one ending that no matter how you played it, for Neal to be free ultimately, based on who he is and the fact that he can never really being what he is, it's the only ending that would ever be possible for him.

I had long debates internally just thinking: So what's the way to do this? By actually letting the world believe he's dead was really the one way he could do it where he was free and clear. That was the only way to ensure that nobody was following him. Which is sort of a life on the run and a life where ultimately he has to be separated from the people he cares about. So for Neal, it beats the alternative which in this case was death.After Neal (Matt Bomer) and Keller (Ross Mc Call) got away from the rest of the now-apprehended Pink Panthers with a nice chunk of change from the Federal Reserve heist, Keller got greedy, and the two of them struggled with a gun before it went off, shooting Neal in the chest.Keller ran off, but it wasn't long before Peter (Tim De Kay) found him and shot him when he tried to take a hostage.A year later, Peter and Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen) are parents to a beautiful baby named Neal, natch, and Mozzie is back to his old ways.When Peter gets a mysterious bottle of Bordeaux, he does some digging and finds Neal's secret storage unit, which contains a photo of the ambulance driver (whom we then see Neal paid off), a mannequin dressed like Neal with a bullet mark on its chest, and a newspaper boasting a headline about new security at the Louvre.Peter turned the corner to see a visibly weakened Neal being put into ambulance at which point Neal told Peter — finally — that he was his best friend.