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The next thing you can try if none of the steps above have worked is to try and cancel the app that’s stuck on waiting or loading.

When you go to the App Store and look at the app that’s stuck, you’ll see that it will have a circle with a blue square in the centre.

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Whenever you’re trying to install an app, you may notice that this blue circle stops moving.In order to try and fix the app that says “Waiting” or “Loading” from the home screen, you can simply tap on this circle in order to cancel the installation.It should start to install after you’ve restarted your device, but this may not always work. Resetting all of your settings is a simple fix to try and get your apps unstuck.When you reset all of your settings, things such as your WI-FI settings, Bluetooth, and wallpapers will all get deleted.If you can’t find any apps you don’t use, go to your gallery and clear up some photos and videos.

Once you’ve done this, you can go back and pause the apps that say ‘Waiting’.

One simple way to clear up some storage is to simply delete a ton of useless apps.

When you run through all of your apps, look for the ones that you don’t use and make sure you delete them.

Your settings will basically go back to how they were when you first got your i Phone.

This will fix minor software issues caused by your settings.

If you’ve ever downloaded an app over 100 MB, you’ll notice that in the App Store you get a message asking you to make sure you’re connected to WI-FI before you try and install this app.