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Once a year, I dedicate my spare time to probability formulas, simple algorithms and studying the laws of attraction.That’s right people - ARE YOU THE ONE is back for a brand new season! But if it was a saying, it probably would have come from Brandon.Danny was a boy from Boston that worked with his father repairing roofs.

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Hannah is dabbling in modelling while Zak posts regular videos to his Youtube channel (with cameo appearances from Hannah every once in a while). Meanwhile Devin didn’t leave the experience completely empty-hearted.

A bromance firmly blossomed between Chuck and Devin and they launched a two person band called “Chuck and Big D”.

The terms of their break up seem a little booze-filled & blurry but they have firmly gone their separate ways.

Paris is currently living in Colorado and working in HR.

So there you go, sometimes true love knows no boundaries #heartemoji #curtenni Hearts broke in living rooms everywhere when it was confirmed that Hannah and Chuck were not a perfect match.

Then Chuck moved straight on to a new girl - in our humble opinion, faaaar too quickly. These two blond bombshells fell for each other frolicking in the sea after winning a date - which was more than a little embazza for Hazza (aka Hannah). These two were the resident entertainers of season three.

Christina has since moved to California to continue her studies and work in business marketing.

Brandon is dating a girl called Sierra Knight - who is not Christina (*tear*) – but looks quite a lot like her.

He recently took part in MTV’s The Rivals with fellow ATYO season 2’er - Briana. These two moved into the honeymoon suite pretty early on in the series and just couldn’t get their heads around the rest of the house being SO SLOW and SO WRONG with finding true love.

But despite declaring each other soulmates, it seems the duo couldn’t make their relationship work outside of the house.

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