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I can see the concern, but I'd place it way down the list of things that could make the wealth gap worse.

Keep in mind that these appear to be for the population as a whole. And we are talking about the population as a whole. Dating/marriage outside of your economic upbringing presents some difficult challenges that should not be trivialized.Since women have overtaken men recently from what used to be a pretty significant disparity, that should mean that recent years have seen a significantly higher proportion of women getting college degrees vs. I'm refuting the point that "many more women than men are college educated now". I don't think it's unreasonable to want to date someone that has a similar background to you. Never again will I date someone from a a different socioeconomic class or who has any significant religious beliefs. Was the issue the socioeconomic class or the religious beliefs?Also, many more women than men are college educated now, which is distorting dating in interesting ways, since most women (and some men) tend to want to date someone who is at least their equal with employment and/or education.Also, many more women than men are college educated now No, not even close:https:// Even though women earned more degrees than men in 2017, for nearly the entire history of the country, men earned substantially more college degrees than women.Otherwise I’d be pretty shocked if it was all degrees. Adults is a very wide range, younger people are more likely to get married (aka not be married) and significantly more likely to have a collage education.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Educational_attainment_in_the_...

So 50 population is more than twice as likely to be married vs 20-29, but the 20-29 population is significantly more likely to have a degree.

Relationships are much easier when you are with someone who share similar economic backgrounds and religious beliefs. I can see how different religious beliefs can be a very practical issue but it seems like socioeconomic class is a little less "dogmatic" and it would be easier to find a middle ground?

That being said I can't really give life lessons here, I don't think I ever dated anybody outside of my "socioeconomic class", whatever that is.

My wife and I are on the same page now-a-days (I definitely learned some things from her as well), but it was a struggle for a while hence why I don't think it's good to trivialize in the name of social equality. We just couldn't see eye-to-eye on it, and I am not willing to try again.

My new girlfriend comes from an entirely different culture geographically, but has extremely similar money-management practices as me, even though she didn't grow up in the same country (though it was also a rich first-world nation).

The app can increase the degree to which the existing norms are realized rather than aspirational; to the extent that individual acheivement of the goals of the existing norm has adverse social consequences, that is rightfully a source of concern even if it involves nothing personally blameworthy and no change of norms.