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This technique creates dimension and is the perfect way to get a gorgeous glow.I stick to neutral colours, such as black and white, for my outfits.I use it as a topical ingredient to spot-treat scars and pigmentations. I can power nap practically anywhere with the mask on. Ritualistic, I’m a creature of habit and when I find something that works I stick to it.I think my personal style and beauty routine really stems from comfort. I try to use items that are good for us and the environment! I feel that you have to feel good before you look good so I prioritise sleep, clean food and working out.In terms of beauty routines, natural products and remedies are my go-to. I’ll have a few slices with hot water in the morning or squeezed right into whatever I’m cooking at home.

Not only are they potent in vitamin C, lemon juice is also a natural bleaching agent. Unfortunately, Hong Kong schedules don’t always allow for adequate sleep. Which is usually a white tee and jeans or black pants, a simple but chic look that you can’t go wrong with!

From sustainability initiatives to practical little life hacks, these entrepreneurial ladies share a bit about their personal routine here…

Featured image from Pinterest via Jaggers Closet, Image 4 via Instagram, Image 5 via Instagram taken by Elissa James of Iris Lillian.com, all other images via respective That Girl and That Bride articles. I still believe there is some truth to that, even if it sounds like a pretty weird trick – it’s completely free, so it’s worth trying!

I’m not sure if it’s a hack per se, but I’ve started buying less but buying better which means only purchasing investment items which will hold their value over time.

Fast fashion has turned buying clothes akin to shopping for groceries at a supermarket and it’s having seriously negative effects on our planet. Cristina Deane of Redress, Sarah Fung of HULA, Heloise Mendes of Label Chic, and Fanny Moizant of Vestiaire Collective are slowly but surely changing the world of sustainable fashion in Hong Kong and people are taking notice.

Having clothes which do not crumple and are ready to wear without really needing ironing save a lot of time when I’m in a hurry.