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This wide adoption makes it an interesting target for cyber criminals.In this blog post we are going to introduce an authenticated arbitrary file deletion vulnerability in the Word Press core that can lead to attackers executing arbitrary code.We cannot oversee all possible backwards compatibility problems with Word Press plugins and advise to make any modifications to your Word Press files with caution.to completely take over the Word Press site and to execute arbitrary code on the server.Let me just say that I think you can use Flippa to find websites to buy if you know how to filter through all of the garbage.

Before I go into those flaws let me just report that I did reach an agreement on a purchase price for the site only to have to deal fall through over the next several weeks. Buyers on Flippa expect to get a steal on a website.Because of this, we have developed a temporary fix provided in the snipped below.The fix can be integrated into an existing Word Press installation by adding it to the does not contain any parts making path traversal possible. The provided fix shall ultimately be seen as a temporary fix in order to prevent attacks.The seemingly going rate on the site is 10 months of net revenue.I’m not sure where or how this came to be but in the real business world that ratio is laughable. I sold a website last year for a 7 year net revenue. Because you don’t want to have to pay for a business what it is worth?Any Joe Shmoe can buy a domain for , then go get a free Word Press template and be up and running in 10 minutes.