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The history of this place and the monuments are not well-known which will appeal to you and your date if you are explorers.

The above video is an Infield Pickup Compilation of my past year Meeting Women in India.

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The 3-day live coaching program or pickup Bootcamp in India will be an intensive in-the-field coaching program. By the end of the program, you will have done hundreds of approaches.We will be going out to different venues (malls, coffee shops, bars & clubs) in your preferred Indian city, be it New Delhi, Bangalore or Mumbai. The amount of knowledge that you will gain from the 3-day program will be equivalent to over 2 years of you trying to figure it out for yourself.Iron Man Lifestyle is my personal project to help people become better with women.I am a dating/pickup coach based in New Delhi, India.From Tom Uncle's maggi to Rico's burgers, there is amazing variety available here to suit all.

Sitting on the roadside, digging into a smoldering plate of Maggi is sure to shoot up flames on your date.Love Source: Village Resort India A slice of royalty for your date?Head to the Pataudi Palace, a 60 km drive from Delhi.I am at that point where if I see an attractive girl and feel like saying hi to her, I say it without any fear of rejection.So that when I go back home, I don't keep thinking to myself as to what could have happened had I said "Hi" to that cute girl on the street or in the club.REMEMBER: YOU MISS 100% OF THE CHANCES YOU DON'T TAKE.