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Worst: Serena and Dan I might get a lot of disagreement here (and they might even be headed towards the 4,000th reconciliation in the finale) but I'm just over these two.

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And this is just the tip of the iceberg with shitbag behavior.

Remember when he tried to pimp Blair out in exchange for a hotel like she was literally property? Serena's transgressions were less criminal and more selfish, but lengthy enough to earn her an entire article dedicated to her sucking — read it here. by Amanda Ross Look, we're all guilty of trying to show up our exes when they move on.

He and cutie boyfriend Jonathan were probably the least-drama prone couple ever on the show, until Jenny had to go and ruin it. Best: Dorota and Blair While a platonic couple, yes, no one loves each other more than Miss Blair and her sassy, charming, loyal servant Dorota.

Jenny ruins everything, including but not limited to: fashion shows, my opinion on eyeliner, and young love. They bicker and Blair bosses her around and it just works for them. And are you going to be watching the finale tonight?

Worst: Jenny and Chuck In things I try to pretend never happened: remember how Chuck attempted to sexually assault Jenny in the first season, and then later she ended up losing her virginity to him willingly? Best: Serena and Nate They've had the hots for each other since hooking up in the original OMFG moment that had parents everywhere freaking out, on a hotel bar that neither of them were old enough to legally be in (um, come to think of it, aren't they still underage?

), and I wish these two would rekindle their flame.

What did Serena and Dad have in common other than Dan was so obsessed with her hotness that he wanted to cut off her skin and wear it? Their only bond was through sexual espionage and contests to see who could talk the quietest.

Actual relationships take more than a two-episode arc to develop.

The giant chip on Dan's shoulder keeps getting in the way, and at this point, he's devious enough to deserve Georgina and Georgina alone.

Serena and Dan need to let the memory of their young love fade because let's face it: I know these two were a real life couple once, but since Blake Lively's marriage to Ryan Reynolds, her scenes with Penn Badgley are about as exciting as any plot line involving Vanessa (see below).

Blair and Dan were the smartest characters on the show, a fact which they showed off every chance they got with lighting-fast, reference-heavy dialogue sarcastic and slick enough to make even the Gilmore Girls ask for translator. When we first encounter Blan, they're at each other's throats.