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As a result of all this, there is a rich and varied abundance of Lithuanian folklore, which beckons, almost irresistably, the serious researcher in these fields.Much of the material has been gathered and classified, but the greatest part of it is still unrecorded.For ages the Lithuanian nation was separated from the other European nations by the Baltic Sea and the great forests. Then the Lithuanians fought for three hundred years against the Teutonic Knights, who cruelly pillaged and enslaved the people under the pretense of spreading INTRODUCTION iii the Gospel of Christ.

Fortunately, however, it lives even today upon the lips and in the hearts and minds of the country folk, and reflects the philosophy, psychology and cultural history of the nation.It should be useful to enumerate the following typical elements of folklore: (1) The telling of legends, tales, narratives, anecdotes, and jokes; (2) Musical compositions with lyrics and melodies; (3) Recitation of orations, lamentations, riddles and proverbs; (4) Mythology, demonology, superstitions and chants; (5) Customs and habits from practical INTRODUCTION iv everyday life and comprising three subdivisions (a) customs connected with the most important moments of human life birth, baptism, matchmaking, wedding, death and funerals (b) customs connected with annual feasts (c) customs connected with communal or collective work harvesting, etc.This microform edition is protected against unauthorized copying under Title 17, United States Code. Today Lithuania is a small, peaceful, Baltic country whose sons have died by the thousands in heroic defense of their holy native soil, and which now languishes under the crushing heel of Soviet domination.This small idyllic country is a sort of island among other European nations.Whilst meeting and greeting guests at your event in costumes of your choice,they will pose for unforgettable photos making every event one to remember Singing telegrams are a hysterical way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

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Partly because of its comparative novelty and partly because of the difficulty in terminology, the subject matter of tne science of folklore is somewhat general and its exact boundaries in regard to related sciences are difficult to define. I, p.~5t INTRODUCTION v Lithuanian folklore, however, has been almost ignored in previous English research.

English-speaking scientists have done a great and laudable work in investigating even the smallest and most uncivilized races, and their speculations and hypotheses erected to reconstruct the patterns of development of cultures have been a great contribution to the ethnological sciences. The author has consulted all the books and periodicals from 1804 to the present, available through the Parliamentary Library, the Library of the University of Ottawa, and the Congressional Library; and she found in these surprisingly few mentions of Lithuanian folklore, and even these were often garbled and inaccurate.

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