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The online bio describes her as the personification of a girl that feels like an outsider.Not inspired by any particular monster, but a spiritual descendant of creatures like A monster representation of Mother Monster herself.

The webisode "Casta Vote" shows the venues for live performances are decided by online vote, and Monster High gets picked.

She officially performs at Monster High on Halloween 2014, and the ghouls help her lose her stage fright with help from an interrupting Toralei. More comfortable there with the circus folk than in the outside world where she's odd even by monster standards, she nevertheless ends up at Monster High.

In truth, she's quite sensitive and down to earth, but has been groomed to think of herself as better than everyone else.

Post-reboot she's a Lovable Alpha Bitch from the start, found by the ghouls in her tomb.

A special collector's doll designed by Gaga's sister Natali, produced for the Born This Way Foundation, and serving as the symbol of MH's "#Kind Monsters" movement.

Hailing from Costa Shrieka, Batsy is the daughter of the white vampire bat.

The 4th generation grandsons of Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde, and transplants to Monster High after it was revealed Jackson was no normie.

At first, Jackson Jekyll existed during the daytime and Holt at night, though neither, or Holt at least, seemed to know about the other.

In the Monster Mashionals storyline, Toralei leaked the Monster High routine to their rivals Smogsnort's Vampiric Academy as revenge, but failed to make them lose.

She's later re-inducted to the squad, but gets suspended for cheating on a test.

In a sometimes tumultuous but still strong relationship with Cleo De Nile, and they occupy the spot of the school's premier power couple.