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There is no need to ruin the reputation built up within more than 10 years, that is why many MEN come to this agency and they respect the hard work of the staff. That’s why such men are lured from other non-convenient resources to communicate in the place where it is really good to do.Another case is about Stefan, he is convinced in whole lie of ladies from Uadreams, he doesn’t believe to anyone as they pretended to be real with serious intentions.My turn is now to talk about one offending case I had with Uadreams company, and probably I would be useful for many of you by uncovering carefully guarded secrets turned into real scam.

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We bet you may misunderstand it very often, like you do not know special jokes, slang, dialects and mood of the phrase.

Russian and Ukrainian women very often described the situation of their break-ups just because of the other sense of humour. But as practice shows, all nations have lots in common, all of us laugh a lot and it’s possible to accept each other’s joke only if you know the culture and principles of foreign language.

Thus, there is a hope for those desperate women who still do not know to join the agency or not.

They have someone who would care about them, who would prevent them from maniacs and sex-tourists, from scam romantic lovers.

So as for me – I really encourage everyone to use professional translation services.

Remember: scammers know language but not very good.Girls receives a lot when she is a member of a good non-free website who cares about two-sides scam, we mean there are cases when not only women but men from abroad were scammers.It’s really good when your lady knows English and speaks with you freely. They simply paste there native text into window for immediate translation and get translated variant, so you receive some automatic portion of a true phrase directed to you.One side of this deal is not good as no one like someone to be a witness.But taking into account all previous reports about international romance scam and fraud through letters and messages there is only one way – to have someone neutral to be under defense of this neutral part.Dating agency is a constant machine of earning money.