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the game n tompleiefy open ended, Frontier Elit ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ A mstliv C 2 *ik program from thr first film sim- uiadon Vastly rjrtfcrc r[ to the console version with vivid scenes straight from the hie movie Batman has returned in style. S" drwes and fitting onetotaliv my Commodore Ws only offer official 2.5 ' IDE. r rj Virgin Interactive Entertainment have strengthened rrsmr existing lies with Europe's leoding o We Hop- mens team.

£29.99 v Desktop Dvmimi U- Pack with FREE Classic Games and a Professionaih fifu-d Hard Drive Option sktop Dynamite 1 Colour P rinter Paj § k NDARD FEATURE PCMQASk* "Tontfis art home irutntenanc^ ! VAGADORE Pk s ' a Halt as 09.99 ICL me major opaan computer epnt, are able to ■id ft* Ai r-fam« service on most . dri- :ifficially itccptcd by Wane, ICL and Commodoro, 1 200 Drives Fitted "Well pick k up from your home, bring it bock In 5 working days, give k 1 2 months on site vwurajity and thoc"i pmi tin' beginning". Sensible Software, in a deal thai will deliver a spectacular series of products over the nest two years.

DMA members agree to abide by the British Code of Advertising Practice and to subscribe to the Advertising Standards Board of Finance (ASBOF). It is your guarantee signifying to the customer the truly professional edge of the Industry. No Deposit Credi are now ahle to offer Competitive :-: Facilities on all orders over £100 t to status. The video suite includes a wealth of mpucs and outputs. Si^^^^^=^^ ^^^^^ - *" " Please charge my Accfl E-s Msa No; ■ ' -. A V • • * J' ■W 11 fy Simon Says v&iture Sof f 's extfavaganza" A /■ .. I b*l most of you don't even remember February 14 1991.

Create multiple page documents including ompu Graphic outline fonts, graphics, headers and voters, then output them to any Amiga -supported Hitter. Sierra Soccer is looking like it could be o bit spe- cial ond hopefully we I have a preview lined up lor fce next issue.Kind Words offers complete control over ocument layout and printing, and it works on ny 1Mb Amiga, :ii Va ~ke complete control of W-based lilities and commands direct from your wn customised Workbench control panel, Vof Workbench 1.3) As Hollywood hits the Amiga, we iook at the graphics explosion which could revolutionise games as the ^^^ millennium approaches REGULARS :-* News ESP . ^■MBI Heraa Ik V I— Penalties and foot-kicks an all present ki tf M terthc Diimg Sttm Sww The game includes the option to d HHH between 24 World Cup teams Apr 1004. •leroctive garnet entertainment market lia* grown and wged drwwiicolly over the lost couple of years cmd me ipring apean Computer Trade Shew will mirror thoh devdopment.I Mb with RTC INDI PRICE £49.99 601 Ai ibdve only 5I2K, no clock INDI PRICE £29.99 Addr Ml.. 5 band frequency equalization, I Included with every Videt I definable Digital Video Eft graphic). endless number of usi •a video sources (or an Amiga or Opal vision generated C or Y axis. bsc sdoi around in this cop class Ejadorm game Mkro Machines £JJk W £f*.99 Race yo«ns! The great value Desktop Dynamite Pack with over £300 of FREE software PLUS 2 New cult games PLUS a New Low Low Price er erf user raced il You ur videos video You mar choose from many different rotes from ■xpto-rar to assassin, from noc Jfbroker to trader. According (a a Psygnoiii spokesman it's going la be bigger and better and contain much more frantic fun than ever befot e.ya^ir own h ''i Vcjjer' 'f\ i, 00 He's backl Gutde your fcero through hit jqujhj BK tes- rf C Alien Breed 2 06WT i I 7 4? ...,.,..- I enclose cheque/ PO for £ ....charge my Accew/ Visa No~.„- Expiry -../ - J.~- Signature. Baide with pirates across a galaxy of differem worlds, trade or smuggle goods or become i pirate yourself me goa Ti t* Jim for are endiesx. As scon os we find oul mare details about the iukide-'effl'up which is sure to be one of, if not the biggest game of me year, we'll be sure to let you know.Accelerator Boards | AC0494 j /NDf Dif RECT MAt L ^^ I RINGWAY INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, EASTERN AVENUE, LICHFIELD STAFFS. 1 • ...- 3) - * • - Pri«v, I enclose cheque/ PO ftw £, ...*.., i.n OT ctlatf^e my Access/ Vrsa No Expiry ,..(. 1 150 10 out of 10 7j7| Switch boxes 7s2| Datoflyer XDS 751 Smarty Paints 7J2| Stars of Yesteryear 7J6| Cetting into video JS8 Advertising index Amiga Computing April 1994 *=• April 1 — i R 1 ^i i MUl Wll Od test, tmes \" - t. Omer animation sequences indvde the referee showing yellow and red cords and the physio end strefcher-bearen treating booty in pred players.

A-knniivt \| 1 hwcn pml Mtf nm i 1 EMI 15 CO 1 ind Words 3 complete word processor with document layout matures, graphics, thesaurus, and spell checker for II your home office needs. There will be bods of digitised scxnd nnd speech effects tor corners (ree-kidis and penalties.Through INDI the Nationwide resources of Kl L w- II guarantee chat your Amiga is created with the ore and eaper Dse that it deserves. r , Memory Expansion Boards 4Mb 8Mb 4 Mhi U47.99 O0posit Cre Indi are now abie to offer Competiove Credit Facilities on all orders over £ I 00 subject: to status, Payment can be over 1 2, 14, 36, 48 or 60 months and can include insurance to cover repayments, on the event of sickness or unemploy- ment Why not nn£ for a quote. Nine pages for enquiring minds The most authoritative monthly columns in the business, covering all areas of specialised Amiga activity ARexx .. 'Having worked with then"- over the last couple of years we know exactly bow good Sensible is.Bat trui is just the beginning, your (ww hard *ive will be given a fu S II months At Home Warranty cover Yes if there B a warranty prcfeiem men ICL will ™it to your homo and IU it, Of course what's the point of having at home cover on your Hard Dm and not on your Amiga. uts of information can he sent fivni prugruta topmgnan ■" i ■.,'.' iriiw pictum FEATURES King crunchers Hard drive utilities to save space and m.i Le those megabytes WOlk fee you =5" it* TM ! H mokes sen* tor the number one publisher to seek strategic alliances wim compel ies ike Sersujl*.* Sensibla's managing director, Jon Hare added: "We've worked very successfully with Virgin before and the/re our perfect publishing partner They okays put the product tirsl and shore our obsession with quality.There are many other improvemenis including an enhanced instruction scheduler for the: 68040 CPU and the 68882 maths coprocessor, an improved prowler, a friendlier interlace to grep, support for C within Codel^robe and moni Workbench 3.1 include files are supplied. 95 Video Maxter AGA £79.95 Video Master RGB £129.95 Colour Master £69,95 SAS/C 6,5 £3 29.0O XBase Persona/ £ J 29.00 SBase Professional £249.00 Maxon Magic '£29.95 SH| All produc'K Lin this pu^c aft citlk-i available now oj In the l'h J of Ji Lnuiirv '*J4 • pit cull in coaltrm Bvailabilift Hi Soft The (Jld School ( irt H'nlield Bedford MK-l?? Mega CD and PC CD-ROM, Qmnodore's David Pleasance said: * uken us |us.t a few months to dorni- «*r the CD Software sales chart. Pepeye, Sooty and Sweep will carry for rise first lime a gewernmeni suitability warning.Upgrades start from £59,95 - please csil lor pricing information. That's a testament to the quality of I Amiga CD32 and the efforts of the tcttwin publishers. According to Aftenwlwe's sales ond mar- ktrjng manager David Wattms mis means that "these games are particularly suitable for Hie younger gamer thus giving parents greater degree of confidence' He continues: "Lasl year we brought together all our younger gamer software ^nder ihe umbrella brand 'The Children's Collection' and at the same lime introduced age guidance stoismenls an all me packog- •ng The new classifications are simply on extension of mis policy." A new gome featuring fliomat the Tank Engine has jml been released al £1 2.99 while ihe original gome is going 1o be re- released in new baited packaging whidh will include me Uc label Talkin' trivia Trivial Pursuit, th* otlitity whkh couses divorce and Family breakdown, is ih« world's most popular board gome and Domark have speda JHy developed the gome for the CD-32.■ PRESS -4 } * ISSUe 72 • April 1994 # £3-99 Overseas price Z4.2$m Hti 13.95 COMPUTING Worth 2jjj cruimnad dii'd 'h is original and very exciting. Our Buyers have done it again t the top quality Panasonic COLOUR Pfti NTER at an UNREPEATABLE PRICE. 14 Pin Diamond Prlnthead High performance and high [policy output.