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Guess that isn't so true anymore though Oh, no, no, no, no. A more balanced view of the issue is that their structure is great for innovation and releasing high quality, unrushed products, but they struggle when it comes to maintenance - TF2 and CSGO are excellent but they're also old and established and probably not as attractive to developers as the other projects Valve is working on for VR and such.

At this point I think they should outsource some of the grunt work (bug fixes, testing) to someone with a more conventional business model and let the Valve staff on TF2 just worry about the higher level aspects of the game.

Mc Donalds has made decaquadzijillions of dollars too but that doesn't stop people from criticizing their faulty business practices.

I don't see why it wouldn't be the same in Valve's case.

Oh yeah, no doubt, that's where the faults lie. And seeing as that game makes them literal MILLIONS a year (take this number and triple it in your head) there's no need for them to work on anything else.

However, Valve argued that the system offered quality of work, where when the developer actually wanted to work on something, he/she could, so their work would be of higher quality. I find it incredible that people can be so dismissive of their approach when it's made them billions of dollars and produced a line of critically acclaimed, iconic products.

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- Credits to me for Rigging and adjusting the model to fit the Pyro's skeleton.They'll most likely hire new people soon, they're moving into bigger offices on July 22nd.Also, given the Valve Steam Group, they're about ~200 people working at Valve, which is a pretty decent size if you ask me.I actually think it's a cool concept, to work on what you have interest in, and for me, it would most likely lead to more motivation when working.However I guess over the years for Valve, the continued profit of the company could've added an effect of laziness over the developers, not pushing them as much as they could be working. How are you going to ever guarantee continued support for your products if no one gets their feet nailed down to the post?There's 360 people working at Valve, but that isn't a decent size.