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A prose text such as this one might be divided into sections, chapters, paragraphs, and sentences.

A verse text might be divided into cantos, stanzas, and lines.

The interested reader should also consult one or more of the many excellent introductory textbooks and web sites now available on the subject.

In the present chapter we informally introduce some of its basic concepts and attempt to explain to the reader encountering them for the first time how and why they are used in the TEI scheme.More detailed technical accounts of TEI practice in this respect are provided in chapters has been used to describe annotation or other marks within a text intended to instruct a compositor or typist how a particular passage should be printed or laid out.A basic design goal of XML is to ensure that documents encoded according to its provisions can move from one hardware and software environment to another without loss of information.The two features discussed so far both address this requirement at an abstract level; the third feature addresses it at the level of the strings of data characters that make up a document.Examples include wavy underlining to indicate boldface, special symbols for passages to be omitted or printed in a particular font, and so forth.

As the formatting and printing of texts was automated, the term was extended to cover all sorts of special codes inserted into electronic texts to govern formatting, printing, or other processing.The definition of a ‘report’, for example, might be that it consisted of a ‘title’ and possibly an ‘author’, followed by an ‘abstract’ and a sequence of one or more ‘paragraphs’.Anything lacking a title, according to this formal definition, would not formally be a report, and neither would a sequence of paragraphs followed by an abstract, whatever other report-like characteristics these might have for the human reader.Once printed, sequences of prose and verse might be divided into volumes, gatherings, and pages.Structural units of this kind are most often used to identify specific locations or refer to points within a text ().Encoding a text for computer processing is, in principle, like transcribing a manuscript from we mean a set of markup conventions used together for encoding texts.