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Below is the SAML response and I have mask few things with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx due to vendor concern. NET 3.5 web application and I am always getting the invalid signature message from the code.

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Xml Document xml Doc = new Xml Document(); xml Doc. Load Xml(Saml Response); bool valid Saml = false; // get the public key Xml Namespace Manager mgr = new Xml Namespace Manager(xml Doc. Add Namespace("saml","urn:oasis:names:tc: SAML:2.0:assertion"); mgr. Add Namespace("ds"," Xml Element node Signature = (Xml Element)xml Doc.

Select Single Node("//saml: Assertion//ds: Signature",mgr); if(node Signature == null) // Xml Element el Signature = (Xml Element)list[0]; Signed Xml verifier = new Signed Xml(xml Doc); Microsoft.

Check Signature() object, but I kept getting an invalid/false result. ================================================================================= Dim SAMLResponse As String Dim BC As New ASCIIEncoding Dim Decoded Data() As Byte Dim s Decoded Data As String SAMLResponse = Request("SAMLResponse") Decoded Data = Convert.

The information sent from the client is in base64 encoding and comply to SAML specification.

To dispose of the type directly, call its Dispose method in a try/catch block.

To dispose of it indirectly, use a language construct such as using (in C#) or Using (in Visual Basic). I am literally struck at this point, any help would be apprciated. Add Reference(new Reference("#_d4559638-3abf-4433-9fad-b10f8a950351")); // _d4559638-3abf-4433-9fad-b10f8a950351 is used as reference to Digest Method & Digest Value. Signing Key = new RSACrypto Service Provider(); signer. What are the topics i need to cover to complete this task. Map Path("SAML.xml")); Signed Xml signer = new Custom Id Signed Xml(doc); signer. Outer Xml; Signed Xml verifier = new Custom Id Signed Xml(doc); verifier. The validation part of the code starts within the foreach loop by constructing an X509Chain object.We then build a policy for the chain by specifying a couple of properties. Check Signature()) valid Saml = true; else valid Saml = false; Hi, I got a requirement from the client i.e implementing single sing on using SAML 1.1( X.509 & LDAP)in I have perfect knowledge regarding SAML but i dont know how to implement it in