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To buy train tickets in Ukraine online in UK, see or For train times & fares in all ex-Soviet countries see Ordered online through 243 zlotys (51 or 57) in a 3-bed sleeper. All these prices are per person per bed, berths are sold individually.It's now possible to reach Kiev using comfortable air-conditioned daytime trains with an overnight hotel stop in Berlin and Krakow, using the modern air-conditioned Przemysl-Lviv-Kiev fast train introduced in December 2016.You must pay in cash, not credit card, but both euros and zlotys are accepted.

The Kiev Express has modernised Ukrainian sleeping-cars with 2-berth & 3-berth compartments.speed dating providence ri black relationship movies!popular best sellers amateur asian wives..exotic romance books adhd adult women interracial speed dating providence ri used romance books romance authors adult; interracial romance novels bwwm...quotations on good friends, advice for teen: online romance books seductive looking woman.You can choose which type you prefer when you book.The bistro-restaurant car is staffed by Polish train catering company Wars.Or you can now travel exclusively by fast & comfortable daytime trains with overnight stops in Berlin & Krakow. Why not spend some time in Berlin, Warsaw or Krakow on the way?