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The word was originally the Dutch , a book that was highly inspirational in my decision to begin this website.

In the photo above, the real estate at Flatbush and Bedford Avenues–the two lengthiest streets in Brooklyn–necessitates a mini-Flatiron of triangular proportions.

Weirdly, Avenue D was permitted to keep its name east of Flatbush Avenue, slotting in between the former Avenue C, Clarendon Road, and the old Avenue E, Foster Avenue; Dorchester Road is found only west of Flatbush Avenue.Early in the 20th Century, Avenue E was renamed for the road that continued its path west of Flatbush Avenue, Foster Avenue.Continued from Part 1 I took a number of walks in mid-December before a 2 week deep freeze set in after Christmas, and a few of these occurred on some days that were quite overcast.In the warm months I prefer to walk in brighter weather, but in the cold months I don’t mind so much, as the sun angle from November until mid-February can create some very harsh shadows, with a sharp contrast between light and dark.As you can see the Lott family still owned quite a bit of territory in what was still mostly pastures and estates.

These peaked and porched buildings on Foster and East 25th Street mark the couthern edge of Vanderveer Park, one of a number of enclaves, now most forgotten, such as Vanderveer Park, Manhattan Terrace, Matthews Park, Slocum Park and Yale Park.

Clearly this would be a walk for maximum daylight and would have to be undertaken during the warm months when daylight is at a maximum.

Flatbush Avenue attained its present form, at least on the map, in the post-Civil War era and is a straightened version of both Kings Highway, which originally ran from the Brooklyn waterfront southeast and then southwest to the Town of New Utrecht, and Old Flatbush Road.

It encompasses worlds, both infrastructurally and demographically.

It is named for the Dutch Town of Flatbush through which it ran.

I have neither the equipment or inclination to carefully set up each shot with umbrellas or other light-baffling stuff, so I just lighten them up in Photoshop a smidge.