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Figure 1: Solution providers can install v Center Update Manager through the VMware v Center Installer screen.After running the Update Manager installer, a screen will appear asking which v Center Server to connect to.

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Solution providers can also use the utility with v Sphere to upgrade ESX 3.x hosts to ESX 4.x hosts.

However, with the recently released v Sphere 4.1, the Host Update Utility is no longer bundled with the v Sphere Client.

By default, the service component is not installed with v Center Server and must be installed either on the v Center Server or on a separate server.

If v Center Server does not have enough resources, it is recommended to install the service component on a separate server.

This leaves v Center Update Manager as the only application client available to patch your customer's v Sphere environment.

VCenter Update Manager is not a separate product and requires that you have a licensed v Center Server.You can also use the SQL Server 2005 Express edition, which can be installed with Update Manager, but VMware recommends using one of the other databases for larger production environments.To install v Center Update Manager, you have to first install the Update Manager's Windows service component.If your customer has a large environment, using SQL Server 2005 Express is not recommended.For smaller environments (up to 5 hosts and 50 VMs) where v Center Server uses SQL Server 2005 Express, you can use that existing instance when installing Update Manager on the v Center Server.One is the main application service and the other is a supplemental service used for mounting the disks of powered off VMs so they can be patched.