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When you plan your Unified Messaging deployment, you must consider design and other issues that may affect your ability to reach your organizational goals when you deploy Unified Messaging.

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The Unified Messaging feature set in Exchange 2013 is similar to previous versions of Exchange.Allocating time to plan and work through these issues will help prevent problems when you deploy Unified Messaging in your organization.The following are some of the areas that you should consider and evaluate when planning for Unified Messaging in your organization: EAC management Exchange 2013 provides a single unified management console for your organization that includes all UM components and features.There are many areas that you must consider and evaluate to be able to successfully deploy Unified Messaging.You must understand the different aspects of Unified Messaging and each component and feature so that you can plan your Unified Messaging infrastructure and deployment appropriately.Unified Messaging makes it possible for Exchange administrators to combine voice messaging and email messaging into one mailbox so their users can listen to their voice mail messages in their Inbox or by using Outlook Voice Access from any telephone.