Updating tweetdeck blank window

We hope this change makes it easier for you to use Tweet Deck alongside other apps in your workflow, and we’ll continue to explore ways to make this even more efficient.

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I could see my cursor for a while when i would move it but it disappears then. I waited for like 30 minutes and still nothing happened. Then i did a system restore and it worked and i was using my laptop again. I don't want to lose my data too so i don't just reset it. There's another area that helps me to open cmd and then task manager but the when i try to open something, like msconfig, it says windows could not find msconfig.The next day(today), again the blank screen problem occurred, so i again tried to system restore but at the end it said could not complete system restore. please check if you have typed the name correctly or something like that. I installed an update to windows 8.1 just a couple of days back.After using it once, the second time when i turned on my laptop everything just went blank after the hp logo. I tried running it on vga resolution or whatever it was. I did almost everything there was at the advanced options but nothing helped(except the pc refresh cause that wouldn't help).If you have managed to get passed the blank screen by following the previous solution you might want to try disabling Fast Startup.

This sounds like an obscure solution, but users have reported that it’s helpful so it’s worth trying out.

Grab the new update by refreshing your browser if you’re using the web app or restarting your Chrome browser if you’re using the Chrome app.

We have waited Windows 10 with high anticipation, and now we finally have the chance to try it and see all of its new features.

If you cannot access Windows 10, try accessing by going to Safe Mode.

While your computer boots keep pressing F8 or F2 and choose the Safe Mode from the list.

In addition, Microsoft has released its Show or hide updates troubleshooter package that allows you to choose what updates and driver updates you want to prevent from downloading.