Updating to ext4

It is used for obtaining further information about the individual system RAUC runs on.

[handlers] section Handlers allow to customize RAUC by placing scripts in the system that RAUC can call for different purposes.

All parameters expect pathnames to the script to be executed.

As you know there is no builtin functionality for migrating to btrfs-filesystem. However, to do this I guess I have to remove the volume and create a new one, but I need to uninstall all packages first. Is there a clever way of migrating installed packages to another volume without uninstalling/installing (with the chance of loosing settings etc.) Shared folders can easily change volume, but is there a way for packages aswell? I have a DSM with a 5 disk RAID 5 array using ext4 file system. I wish to implement btrfs to replace the ext4 file system, since there is no migration option i would need to setup the DSM from scratch in order to create the disk with btrfs.

I have backed up all my data onto a 2nd RAID 5 disk on the same DS. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about getting DSM with btrfs onto disk 1?

Pathnames are either absolute or relative to the file location.

RAUC passes a set of environment variables to handler scripts.See details about using handlers in Custom Handlers (Interface).This handler will be called when RAUC starts up, right after loading the system configuration file.Forum rules 1) This is a user forum for Synology users to share experience/help out each other: if you need direct assistance from the Synology technical support team, please use the following form: https://account.synology.com/support/su ... lang=enu 2) To avoid putting users' Disk Station at risk, please don't paste links to any patches provided by our Support team as we will systematically remove them.Our Support team will provide the correct patch for your Disk Station model.a hash value of the slot’s content (SHA-256 per default) that is matched against its counterpart of an image inside a bundle to decide if an update of the slot has to be performed or can be skipped.