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If all the contingencies are met during the entire shift, then the shift is considered valid and the adapt function may be utilized if necessary.

Once an adaptable shift is identified, the PCM compares the actual shift time to the desired shift time and calculates the difference between them. The actual shift time is determined from the time that the PCM commands the shift to the start of the engine RPM drop initiated by the shift.

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The unique design of the Sonnax Smart-Tech high capacity forward clutch drum kit 76655-01K increases clutch capacity without abandoning the wave plate.The forged, one-piece drum prevents clutch drum breakage by eliminating weakness at critical stress using six OE-thickness frictions and steels.The purpose of the adapt function is to automatically compensate the shift quality for the various vehicle shift control systems.It is a continuous process that will help to maintain optimal shift quality throughout the life of the vehicle.This process is known as "adaptive learning" or "shift adapts" and is similar to the closed loop fuel control system used for the engine.

In order for the powertrain control module (PCM) to perform a "shift adapt," it must first identify if an upshift is acceptable to analyze.

Learning can only take place when the PCM has determined that an acceptable shift has occurred.

The PCM must also relearn TAP values if it is replaced.

As a result, the PCM will need to relearn TAP values.

Transmission performance may be affected as new TAPs are learned.

For example, upshifts that occur during cycling of the A/C compressor or under extreme throttle changes could cause the PCM to incorrectly adjust line pressure.