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The leftmost number in a software's version number represents major upgrades to the software.

App updates are almost always no-cost and occur wirelessly over a Wi-Fi connection after you give your permission.Operating system updates for smartphone and tablets are usually made through the devices' settings.Then, you decide whether to allow the update to go forward.The vast majority of software updates are applied over the internet, so an internet connection is often a requirement.Updating your software gives you new features, keeps your phone running smoothly and can fix a lot of common problems.

It should always be one of the first things you do if you’re having problems with your phone.

In the case of smartphones and tablets, software takes the form of apps.

When an updated version of an app is available, you are notified either by message or by a visual indicator on the app icon.

In some cases, the mobile device must be connected to a power outlet during the installation of an operating system update, because the process takes much longer than an app download.

If you subscribe to an internet application or a suite of apps, such as Office 365, software updates—and upgrades—may take place under the hood.

The operating system and apps that run on your phone and tablet, the smartwatch on your wrist, and the peripheral that live streams video to your TV all use software that occasionally needs to be updated.