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This is also the era of the fairy-tale dress, either midi or maxi.

Look no further than Erdem, Alexander Mc Queen, or Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini to have your dream moment.

No such veiling for maximalist designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who attached dramatic collars onto sequined dresses and sent more than 60 of them in myriad shiny shades down the runway for the finale.

Polish things up with Manolo Blahnik's jeweled satin shoes—for night To wean yourself off repeat buying, consider that while another navy sweater may seem like a sensible choice, unless it's significantly different from all the other ones you have, it does nothing for the vitality and health of your wardrobe.

It's far better to buy one exceptional knit that features Lurex bands, embroidery, beading, ruffles, or statement sleeves, any of which will transport a knit-and-pants uniform from office to dinner.

The point is, while patterns drift in and out of the spotlight, they're always in style and are terrific for injecting playfulness or drama into an otherwise classic matrix, accentuating and minimizing your favorite and not-so-favorite features.

Sequins are a staple too, but tweaked in interesting directions this season: worn as a kind of cape-tunic with sneakers and slouchy black pants at Ports 1961; on a pinafore over an oversize sweater at Valentino; and, as girls in London are already doing, layered under a sheer lace or tulle dress to provide a sort of smoky screen.

You may even want to leave your shirttails hanging loose for total runway authenticity.

If that's too studied, you can still have fun with unexpected layering pieces—for instance, a ruffled knitted tank worn over a slimmer-fitting shirt, topped off with a men's jacket.

Or, if that seems overpowering for real life, take your cue from Tory Burch, who turned blocks of color into a geometrical study for fall.

(Her top with white sleeves, an aubergine front panel, and a red collar worn with a green flip-hem skirt was a thing of beauty.) Gabriela Hearst's deluxe patchwork skirt, perhaps a nod to Sonia Delaunay's artistry a century ago, pulls off something similar with equal aplomb. An exotic embroidered evening clutch by Edie Parker.

"We spent so much time recutting old garments from previous collections to make them new and versatile," she explained.

Just think, a decade ago the trend was for finding cheap imitations from the giant chain stores.

If you're small-boned with an athletic body, you'll have no problem carrying off Balenciaga's over-size tailored shirts and quilted cocoon jackets, which are one of the key proportional shifts this season.