Updating maven dependencies eclipse

Developer Studio provides a simple way to synchronize the dependencies, as described in the following sections.

updating maven dependencies eclipse-84

You must also use Eclipse M2Eclipse 1.2 or later and Apache Maven 3.0.* or later.

Hi guys, I wanna introduce you my problem with downloading Maven's dependencies to Eclipse Neon 3.

If you want to open a Maven project in Eclipse and continue development, or if your existing Eclipse project maintains its dependencies in a in the Maven eclipse goal against your project to generate your project descriptors or update existing project descriptors.

This feature requires that you create a WSO2 Maven project using Developer Studio 3.0.0 or later.

I made a research through the whole Internet I guess and still haven't found solution.

Ticking enable/disable in Maven settings or deleting .m2 repository or .metainfo from workspace doesn't work either.How is this index updating disabled or force to work as expected?Why is the m2e plugin always updating my dependencies all the time?If you add another third-party library to your Eclipse project buildpath, right-click the project and click Maven Sync Project Dependencies with The POM file will now contain the dependency you added to your Eclipse project.There are no dependencies in "Add dependency" section in Eclipse.