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Let’s start by going to your Control Panel and then to Device Manager.From there, you’d going to want to click on the Display adapters header to expand the tree. However, in respect to that note about not trusting automated software earlier, we aren’t going to listen to Windows. So, now that we’ve figured out what kind of video card you have, let’s proceed on our quest. lang=en-us You’ll then see the following near the bottom. I’d recommend using Internet Explorer while running this automated check because it tends to handle Active X and browser plugins a little better than most browsers (surprisingly). Afterwards, you’ll either be presented with a screen telling you that you need updated drivers or that your drivers are up to date, or that the automated check failed.

Your video card is in its own sacred territory though.

Video card drivers are updated more frequently than, for example, your network card’s drivers.

Updating your video card drivers can show a huge performance boost across your system, as well.

Keeping these drivers up to date is quite essential if you’re a gamer.

You will need to delete the previous wireless profile within Windows.

You should also check that you have the latest software for your wireless adapter installed.

So painless that both websites happen to have automated resources that will (probably) allow you to make updating your video card drivers as simple as a few clicks.

Step one is actually figuring out what we’re looking for.

Download and install the Windows 7 compatible drivers.

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I’d like to recommend that you not just Google updates for your drivers either.