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It turns out that the BIOS itself is able to extract the firmware images from such executables and to apply them.

As always, Dell's documentation isn't very helpful.

(Right now the hard drive is wiped until I get this done, so I know it's not something on the HD blocking it. I went to the DOS boot after failing from Windows, because so many people said it was the only way they could get these to update.

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So with nothing on the hard drive, 4G of RAM, booting from the DOS thumb drive (that worked on the other E6530), it keeps looking as if it's flashing, but on reboot it's still A09. I'm apparently not the only person who has suffered from being stuck at A09: https://com/community/General/BIOS-doesn-t-update-no-error/td-p/4139468 A10 may be the answer, but it's not on the Dell site, and I haven't found it anywhere yet. ​ Edit Edit: Do you get the BIOS Flash Update Option by tapping F12 at boot? It's currently set up as you describe, with Legacy boot on, and Secure Boot off.-- But -- that link you included leads to information I'm seeing for the first time that says I can only get the USB boot to work if I have Bios Flash Update listed in the one-time boot menu.This will be 0 on a laptop clean Wipes the drive by erasing the partition table convert gpt Initializes the disk as GPT required for booting on a UEFI computer exit exit Continue with the install. The screen after Custom install will show your disk as unallocated because of the clean command.Click Next and Windows will partition and format the blank drive automatically.Because the computer was pre-installed with Windows 8 or 10 the key is embedded in firmware and will auto activate once online.

Did this computer come pre-installed with Windows 8 or 8.1?Enable "start up" from USB and disable all other startup options. Insert HBD on USB stick, start computer, boot from the XP option that comes up. Find the dell file on the USB stick, copy to XP desktop. (The updater always goes through the steps, acts as if it's worked, and then the BIOS is once again not updated.I have removed and reinstalled the CMOS battery (twice). I have tried updating using every rev from A11 upward (11,12,13,14, etc.) from the DOS boot.Rufus settings should be set as following: Then, after booting from the USB drive, simply start the flash program: Then, follow the steps the flash program walks you through. I cant remember if there was another box confirming update but if there was I confirmed. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).