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This “all or nothing” behavior can be modified for arithmetic errors. Will generate an error if SET ARITHABORT is set to ON.In this case the inserted is stopped, no rows are updated and an error thrown.This makes is really easy to ensure we are updating exactly one row.

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The UPDATE statement is capable of updating more than one row. All rows returned via the WHERE clause criteria are updated.Suppose every Sales Person whose ID is less than 10031 worked in Saline.Recall the INNER JOIN clause is used to match the rows from one table to another using a join condition. The complete script to run to log the output into a temporary table is: This statement defines a table with three columns and names the table variable @Update Log.The reason we’re using a table variable is temporary and will be removed once query session is closed.The value is changed to ‘Kris ‘ You can handle errors when executing an UPDATE statement using a TRY…CATCH construct.

There are several common reason an UPDATE statement may fail.The general form to use is: contains the update values; we use joins to do the matching.Let suppose that someone has accidentally updated all esql Sales Person. How can we easily repopulate this data without having to retype it in?You can run the following to do so and then verify all cities are NULL. You can easily adjust the values using the following statement: However, suppose the sales department want a record of all changes.Once you look at the statement you’ll see we added FROM and INNER JOIN clauses. Sure, you could run a query before the update, one after the update, and then compare, but rather than doing all of that we can use the OUTPUT clause to log the changes directly into a table.Knowing that esql Sales Person was originally populated by information from Sales we use knowledge to set up a query that pumps data from v Sales Person into esql Sales Person.