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If the ultrasound shows that your baby is breech (feet-down instead of head-down), your provider may try to flip your baby’s position to head-down, or you may need to have a cesarean section (also called c-section).

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The kind you get depends on what your provider is checking for and how far along you are in pregnancy.

All ultrasounds use a tool called a transducer that uses sound waves to create pictures of your baby on a computer.

I have had three babies, and I am pregnant with number 4.

With all of my babies including this one, they changed my due date after the first ultrasound.

Providers have used ultrasound for more than 30 years, and they have not found any dangerous risks.

If your pregnancy is healthy, ultrasound is good at ruling out problems, but not as good at finding them. Sometimes, a routine ultrasound may suggest that there is a birth defect when there really isn’t one.

Now the baby is measuring two weeks bigger than it should.

If you know the due date is wrong, just prepare early.

Ultrasound helps your health care provider check on your baby’s health and development.

Ultrasound can be a special part of pregnancy—it’s the first time you get to “see” your baby!

No matter what an ultrasound shows, talk to your provider about the best care for you and your baby.