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I live in small Ukrainian town of Ternopil, it is located in Western part of the country.

Nearest big city to us is Lviv, the other beautiful cities near Ternopil are Rivne, Lutsk, Khmelnitsky. My father is a dentist, as I told you already and my mother works as manager in "Galichina" hotel placed on the coast of beautiful lake in the old city center of Ternopil. This part of Ukraine I live in was added to the USSR after World War II only.

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I don't speak any English at all and use the services of an Internet Club. It's great hat U like also music, Yes, music is wonderful! When I grew older, I sicked on the tennis and swimming. I do not have any close people to share with about any life things. You know, I'd like you to tell me of you more, of your job and do not fail to mention about your problems, which hurt you. I respect in men not the appearance, but their inner world.It may sometimes inspire U on the pleasant thoughts. It depends on Ur mood and in its turn it affects Ur mood either, isn't it? Since my childhood I have been training in some clubs. It brings me great pleasure, I also like to do aerobics listening to the tunes of music. I hope you seek for a real love, not for a friend, don't U?They charge 3700 dollars for complete service including opening an international travel passport and three-months US visa plus tickets and hotel reservation in America (which I do not need but it is impossible to obtain US tourist visa without hotel reservation). I'm not rich but I'm able to earn the money and I'd like to spend them as I want. Any how, I think I know you enough via letters and I'm ready to meet. I am a single white male, 32 years old from California, USA She says her name is Julya Shirokova and then she forgets and signs Julia. I appreciate when a man presents flowers, it is romantic and tender! I like beautiful flowers, roses, scented, It's great to get flowers from Beloved person.And they are fast because it will take only one week till we'll be together. Let me know what do you think about my proposition. Yours Angelika You may send the money using Western Union Their Internet site is at their phone number in the States is 800-325-6000. Any how, I want you to keep my new foto, which I've done specially for you, dear John. I received my first letter from her on July 4th and request for her per month request for payment of her writing to me, on the 17th, after 4 letters. It's nice of the person, who gives presents to others not only on special occasions.As I need you so much, and you need me the same way strong, I believe, we should not lose any minute staying divided anymore. The fastest and most reliable service is at "Intertours" - they can prepare my travel documents, flight tickets and travel insuarance in one week.

We just have to meet each other in person and start our relationship in real life. But now I believe, the right time has came for us to become more than virtual partners. My mother told me they are very reliable, because several her friends used this service to come to America. Actually, it is more normal for my country that the man pays for everything himself. I have some money myself and my profession is also very usefull and popular in any country. But as for me, I'm sure that one minute of real meeting gives us much correct impression that one year writing each other. U know even the girl, siting by the computer, who saw Urpic. She also smiled that I was looking at U so attentively.

You might want to look at: and see what they say about you there! Today I was thinking a lot about our acquaintance and I came to idea that the Internet is great - it helps people to find brother's soul even so far away - on different corner of the worrld!

Please let me know about the terrible things they say. It's so pitty that I don't have Internet access at home, but thanks God there is one Internet-cafe not far from my house.

I've always cherished in my mind the dream of my second half, which would complete me. Today I was looking at Ur picture and now I can say that the most attractive for me in U are Ur eyes. I wonder, what U were thinking of when U were taken the photo? I noticed you like nature, animals, everything alive, Tom? I always wanted to have a dog or a cat, but my parents didn't let me do it, as our flat is very small. A couple should know each other better, to understand each other further. But I suppose equality must not be in everything, Tom, as female is weaker than a male.

If I meet a caring, kind man, I'll love him my whole life. Santa Barbara is know to me by the film, do you know it? As for asking you questions, I'd like to know about ambitions in the life and what you think needs a woman?

I don't know how "she" ever received one of my letters to do this but it did raise a funny red flag in my mind when I read them which prompted my visit to your black list page.